Our Values

Providing comfort to Australia

Our Brand and Values 

Polyaire Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of air conditioning products. Acquired in 1996 as a family owned business, we have expanded to over 25 manufacturing and distribution centres across Australia. 

We place great emphasis on maintaining strong customer relationships. We are able to custom manufacture a complete range of air conditioning systems to suit our customers’ needs and having them readily available as and when they need them. Our customers and suppliers are treated like a valued partner which means working closely and openly towards a sustainable solution. Having these values as an integral part of our business has made Polyaire the preferred supplier in providing comfort to Australia. 

Our Products 

We put the needs of the installers first when it comes to product development: We aim to save them time and effort with more reliable products of superior quality.

We also hold numerous Patents and Registered Designs in Australia. Some of our commercially successful product innovations include the Multi Directional Outlets, ZoneMaster and AirTouch zoning and balancing controls, and the Quick Fix system of high torque plastic motorised damper and plastic fittings. 

When it comes to collaboration, we are proud to be associated with some of the major brands and key suppliers in the industry. This has facilitated Polyaire to be the only company in Australia that is truly a national manufacturer and distributor of air conditioning products, servicing both the residential and commercial sectors. 

In the Residential market, our products are suitable for every type of air conditioning installation from small rooms requiring a high wall split air conditioner to a large home demanding a fully zoned ducted system.

As for the Commercial division, our vast knowledge and experience in air conditioning and componentry has earned us a name in the country based on the various projects we have undertaken including convention centres, office buildings, hotels and hospitals. Our Strengths 

Polyaire is managed by a team of highly skilled and highly competent personnel who have a customer centric focus. We understand what is important to our customers and maintain the strong relationships by supporting our customers in any way we can such as product selection and logistical support amongst others. Our distribution centres, also known as one-stop-shops, are also what drives the business as each of them is managed by a passionate team eager to deliver excellent quality service to our customers. 

Being an experienced industry player, Polyaire manages an efficient supply chain using various means of advanced equipment and systems to ensure the right products are delivered to the right customers at the right time. We ensure sufficient stock levels which enable our customer base to have access to our products anytime. 

Our Future 

We at Polyaire continue to build on strong and loyal customer relationships via our national distribution network. We seek to grow the industry by empowering more of our customers and making good air conditioning more accessible to the consumers. With the combined knowledge and experience of our people, we are ready to meet the growing customer demands now and in the future.