Boxes – Uni Boot – 10mm Insulation

Spigot opposite open end available in 200-300mm

443901 Metal UniBoot 640x640
443901 Metal UniBoot 640x640

Uni Boot - 10mm Insulation - Spigot Opposite Open End


  • Spigot is placed at the top entry.

  • Generally used in side-blow applications where it may be necessary to achieve maximum throw across the conditioned space.


Item #Size (mm/inch)Spigot Size (mm/inch)
443901 350x150x400 / 14x6x16 Ø200 / Ø8
443902 350x150x400 / 14x6x16 Ø250 / Ø10
443903 400x150x400 / 18x6x16 Ø300 / Ø12