Duct Core 4 Zero

Metallized Core Fire Rated flexible duct Ø150mm/Ø6" to Ø500mm/20"; 6m lengthsCore 4 Zero

160074 FlexibleDuct DuctCore 640x641
160074 FlexibleDuct DuctCore 640x641

Polyaire Metallized Core fire rated flexible duct is manufactured from metallized Mylar and clear Mylar substrates, incorporating totally encapsulated helically wound spring wire. Bonded with a fire retardant and slip resistant dry deposit adhesive, this duct construction ensures a long life span in all ambient conditions.

Item #Diameter (mm/inch)Length (m)
160401 Ø100 / Ø4 6
160402 Ø150 / Ø6 6
160403 Ø200 / Ø8 6
160404 Ø250 / Ø10 6
160405 Ø300 / Ø12 6
160406 Ø350 / Ø14 6

Polyaire Metallized Core fire rated flexible duct is lightweight and easy to handle and will maintain its full diameter on bends.

This duct is designed for domestic and commercial exhaust systems, ventilation systems and where heat gains or losses are not high, making it suitable for evaporative cooling systems.


  • Metallized Outer Surface
  • Fire Rated 4254
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +80°C
  • Operation Pressure: -190pa to +1200pa
  • General Use: Exhaust and ventilation systems