Copper – Fire Rated Pair Coil Copper – Fire Rated Pair Coil
Pre-Insulated Annealed Fire Rated Copper Pair Coil with 18m lengths
Copper – Pair Coil Copper – Pair Coil
Pre-Insulated Annealed Pair Coil in 5m or 20m lengths
Polytite Flashings Polytite Flashings
Available in 3 sizes
Air Conditioning Duct Ties Air Conditioning Duct Ties
Made for use with flexible ducts for quick and secure installation to location
Colourbond Cable Cover Colourbond Cable Cover
Clip On and Tophat of 2400mm length with various colours
Copper – Hard Drawn Copper – Hard Drawn
Hard Drawn of 6m length with various size and thickness
Copper – Soft Drawn Copper – Soft Drawn
Soft Drawn of 18m or 30m length with various tube size
Insulation Insulation
Insulation of 2m length with various tube size
Fans – Ventilator – Derby Fans – Ventilator – Derby Fans – Nuaire Tube Axial Fans – Nuaire Tube Axial
KS150 2 Pole/ 4 Pole available in size 150-350mm
Inline Fans
Inline fans available in size 150-250mm
PVC – Pipe & Fittings PVC – Pipe & Fittings
Flexible Drain Pipe; Pressure Pipe; Drains; Traps
Support – Timber Support – Timber
Pyne Board; Timber; Chipboard with various size available
Support – Threaded Rods Support – Threaded Rods
Threaded Rod; Hexagonal Nut; Zinc Plated Washer; available in size 10mm
Support – Unit Angles Support – Unit Angles
Unit angle available in size 50x50 & 25x25 with various length
Sealants & Glues Sealants & Glues
Silicone Sealant; Duct Sealant; PVC Sol Cement
Tapes Tapes
Foil Reinforced; Nitto Duct; Tesa Tape; Nopi Duct
Unit Mounts – Brackets Unit Mounts – Brackets
Wall Mounted; Adjustable Roof Stand; Adjustable Rubber Stand
Unit Mounts – Concrete Slabs Unit Mounts – Concrete Slabs
Available in various size
Unit Mounts – Plastic Slabs Unit Mounts – Plastic Slabs
Available in size 465x885mm and 600x1160mm
Unit Mounts – Plastic Unit Stands Unit Mounts – Plastic Unit Stands
Available in two size
Unit Mounts – Vibration Mounts Unit Mounts – Vibration Mounts
Waffle Pad Polyaire; Embellton Springs; Isolation Mount Kit
Unit Mounts – Vibration Mount Kits Unit Mounts – Vibration Mount Kits
Pack of 4 unit mount vibration dampening springs

From Colourbond Cable Covers to Polytite Flashings, Polyaire has everything you need to make a whole air conditioning system complete.