Cushion Boxes – 20mm Polypanel

Superior features and benefits to both installer and end user

482547 Polypanel CushionBox 640x640
482547 Polypanel CushionBox 640x640

Anywhere where indoor air quality is important and/or when you have installation, schedule and cost constraints, Polypanel starter boxes, plenums and return air boxes are light, durable and easier to fit than traditional metal. They can be made in any sizes and are easy to handle.


  • Lightweight
  • Insulated
  • Easy to get into the roof
  • Easy to attach duct
  • A real time saver

Polypanel products are widely accepted and currently in use in major domestic and commercial Projects. Comprising of closed cell foam enclosed in two layers of aluminium textured sheet, this product offers superior features and benefits to both the installer and end user, including light weight, strength, ease of fabrication, low vapour permeability and superior hygiene characteristics.

Polypanel can be used in:

  • Hospitals
  • Commercial high rise buildings
  • Wineries
  • Domestic buildings and apartments
  • Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
  • Factories/ Commercial Offices
Item #Size (mm/inch)Spigot Size (mm/inch)
482547 555x555x400 / 22x22x16 150 / 6
482548 555x555x400 / 22x22x16 200 / 8
482549 555x555x400 / 22x22x16 250 / 10
482550 555x555x400 / 22x22x16 300 / 12
482551 555x555x400 / 22x22x16 350 / 14