Deflection Registers - Single


DeflectionRegisterSingle600x301 DeflectionRegisterSingle600x300 Dia
DeflectionRegisterSingle600x301 DeflectionRegisterSingle600x300 Dia

Single Deflection Registers are generally used in sidewall applications. They consist of a single row of individually adjustable horizontal vanes.

The FRONT VANES are horizontal so the primary air leaving the outlet is directed above the room occupants and does not reach the occupied zone until well mixed with the secondary room air.

Construction is all extruded aluminium horizontal blades, retained in a fixed or removable core.

Standard finish is powder coat white while other finishes are available to suit the interior and architectural design requirements.

Curved Face Single Deflection Registers can also be manufactured to suit Spiral Duct Installations.

Single Deflection Registers are manufactured to order in a wide range of sizes.

DeflectionRegisterSingle600x300 Dia